The High School Portrait Experience

High school portrait photography (known as Senior Photography in America) is hugely popular in the States. These portraits mark a rite of passage, the transition from childhood to adulthood - leaving school and possibly leaving home. 

When you think about school photos, you’re probably imagining sitting in the sports hall, in your school uniform, while the rest of your year group line up for their turn. Same background, same lighting, same clothes. But wipe those images from your mind. 

Because this High School Senior Portrait Experience is nothing like your school photos!

For starters, it’s all about you. You get to choose what you wear, clothes that flatter you and reflect your personality. And if you can’t choose just one outfit, that’s ok because you can wear up to three different sets of clothes so we get to include as much variety as possible into your photoshoot. 

You also get to choose where the session takes place. Choose from a variety of local outdoor locations, or you can opt for a formal studio portrait taken in your home. Each session is unique which is why the high School Portrait Experience starts well before the day of the shoot.

In our pre-shoot consult, we will plan your photoshoot together, discussing locations and clothing. I am happy to provide advice on what to wear and we can even raid your wardrobe to put together a ‘look’ - be it ‘prom dress formal’, or ‘jeans and T-shirt casual’. You can include them both.

Outside shoots normally start about two hours before sunset so we can benefit from that beautiful soft evening light. I even have a pop-up changing cubicle if we are in a more remote location. 

There are three packages available to suit your budget and each image is hand-edited to create a classic, painterly feel.


* Parents must accompany teens during all sessions and the shoot itself

** If any outdoor locations require an entrance fee, this fee will be paid by the client, either on the day of the shoot or it can be added later to the invoice each

*** Outdoor sessions are subject to suitable weather conditions and may have to be rescheduled at short notice

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