Meet Jane

 It started with a calendar. 

Christmas Day, 1992. A last-minute stocking-filler for my mum. I'd noticed that Boots were selling a blank calendar with spaces on which to stick your own photos (ground-breaking at the time - this was well before the age of digital photography). So I got twelve photos of the family printed and Pritt-sticked them onto the blank pages. She loved it. Job done.

Christmas Day, 1993. Presents were exchanged. I can't remember what we bought each other. All I remember was the look of disappointment on my mum's face. "Oh, is that everything? I really liked that calendar you bought me last year." Hint duly taken.

Christmas Day, for the next 26 years. Mum's Calendar is now a ‘Thing’. A Christmas tradition. Every year, it is ceremoniously passed round everyone in the family before we get stuck into Christmas dinner. There are three calendars now - one for my mum, one for my sister and a desk-sized one for my husband.  I don't take all the photos myself any more because everyone's moved to different parts of the country, so some photos are e-mailed to me (or if I'm really desperate, I'll swipe one or two off Facebook). 

But why am I telling you this story?

Because I didn't value this little gift, not at first; it didn't cost much to make, so to my mind, it wasn't worth very much, just a little stocking filler.  How wrong was I! It's the present my mum looks forward to more than anything else every Christmas. And it taught me the value of the printed image.

I did say printed image, not the ones we 'Like' on social media. They are temporary, disposable; by the time you've had a cup of tea, they've been replaced by another twenty photos to 'Like'. 

Try to remember the last time you printed an image of your family. An image that hangs proudly on your wall. An image that, when you look at it, takes you right back to the time in your life when it was captured.

I’ve seen what displaying photographs means to my own family. So, if you'd like something that's beautiful, unique and timeless for your home, get in touch to book your portrait session.

"What is this life if, full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare."

W.H. Davies


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