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Newborn photography is such a specialist area that it has its own page on my website (under the About dropdown menu - Your Newborn Session). If you are unsure about how a newborn session works, that will give you the information you need in more detail. However, I have added some key points below:

  • I am a mobile photographer so the session will take place in your own home
  • Before the photo shoot, we will have a pre-session planning discussion, ideally in your home (though it can be by phone) so we can decide on the best room for the shoot and can discuss your preferences, colour schemes, 
  • The chosen studio room should be as warm as possible so you should warm it up before the session starts - what is uncomfortable and sweaty for us is ideal for a newborn shoot!
  • Newborn shoots are not quick - allow up to four hours because most of the time is spent feeding, changing and soothing your newborn 
  • I will bring a range of props, headbands and wraps for you to use but think about any special toys or blankets that you may want to include in the shoot


  • Mum or dad will act as a spotter, staying within arm’s reach of baby at all times, while I am behind the camera. 
  • I have a detailed risk assessment available on request to reassure you about my commitment to your baby’s safety 
  • I am also a member of BANPAS (Baby and Newborn Photography Association) an organisation that places an emphasis on safe practices in newborn photography.


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