Your newborn session

What to expect from your newborn session

Your baby is newborn for such a short period of time and capturing those fleeting first weeks can produce images to treasure for a lifetime. 

However, when you have just had a baby, the thought of packing everything you need to travel to a photographic studio may seem like a monumental effort; you may be sleep-deprived, in some physical discomfort and the overwhelming urge to stay in and 'nest' in the comfort of your own home may mean those precious photographs never get taken. 

As a mobile photographer, I can produce studio-quality images from your home. Because I work with flash, I am not restricted to the lighting conditions within your home and I use a 7ft umbrella diffuser to enable me to replicate the softest daylight conditions. All I need is some space to set up the studio and access to a power point. If electrical sockets are limited, I have a 4m extension lead that I'll bring with me. If you are not sure about how best to prepare, I am happy to visit your home prior to a shoot in order to advise on whether you may need to clear a space. Please don't worry about tidying your house in preparation for the visit - you've just had a baby - housework is not your highest priority!

In preparation for the shoot, the chosen studio room should be as warm as possible so that your baby is comfortable and less likely to be disturbed by clothing changes. I will bring a space heater in case your central heating needs a boost, as an undressed baby feels most comfortable with a room temperature of 28-29°C (82-84°F). What is uncomfortable and sweaty for us is ideal for a newborn shoot!

Once I arrive at your home, it will take me about half an hour to set up my studio. This is the ideal time to feed your baby so he/she is full and sleepy when it is time to take photographs. Please have your baby dressed in just a nappy and wrapped in a blanket to avoid having to remove any over-the-head clothing once your baby is asleep.

I allow up to four hours for a newborn shoot to enable the shoot to be as relaxed and unhurried as possible. It is not unusual for only half an hour or so to be spent taking pictures while the remainder of the time is spent feeding, changing and soothing a newborn to sleep; babies are very unpredictable and we have to work to their schedule.

I will bring a range of props, headbands and wraps for you to use but you might also like to include a special toy or blanket of your own in the shoot.  

Health and safety is my top priority and throughout the shoot, I work closely with mum or dad who will act as a spotter, staying within arm’s reach of baby at all times, while I am behind the camera. I have a detailed risk assessment available on request to reassure you about my commitment to your baby’s safety and am also a member of BANPAS (Baby and Newborn Photography Association) an organisation that that places an emphasis on safe practices in newborn photography.

If you would like any other information, please fill in your details below. I look forward to hearing from you.   



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